(Day 130: 2,768.65 Total Miles) Fort Morgan Running #2

On Tuesday, I was having a difficult time finding a place to park the RV. Desperate to get my run started because the caffeine was starting to kick in, I stopped at the next house I saw to ask permission to park in their driveway for the day. Pam, the homeowner, was nice enough to allow that and give me a ride back to where I left off the previous day. This meant I could run about 9 miles to the RV, use it as a pit stop then run 9 more southwest before having to turn around to run back. I'm extremely grateful for any miles that I don't have to run twice. The downside to the day was the heat. I couldn't find water for a little longer than I'm comfortable with but then I met Sarah N Mike Goodman and their miniature donkey named Gus. Mike helped me out with all the water I could drink and I got to take a little break while we talked. Another day where I was grateful to make some new friends as this trip wouldn't even be possible without the help of all the amazing people I've met on the road.

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This is Gus, he likes Doritos