(Day 131-132: 2,794.93 Total Miles) Wiggins Running

Wednesday and Thursday were two of the best days of the trip. On Wednesday, my friend Brian helped me out with a ride and water drops. Early in the run, I stopped briefly for an interview with KUSA (NBC in Denver), I really like how the story turned out when I saw it. Also, I could finally see the outline of the Rockies off in the distance for the last few miles. I'm so excited for the next set of challenges they represent. I have no experience whatsoever running in elevation so I'm interested to see how my body responds. I'm currently at 5,000 feet and haven't felt any effect as of yet during my runs. I imagine that will change as I continue to climb higher. I decided to take yesterday off so I could spend some time with friends and live a normal life for 24 hours. I crashed at Brian's place and watched some of the Olympics. It wasn't a completely lazy day though, we got some shopping done and played a quick game of Frisbee Golf. 

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