(Day 10) Knoxville Running

Another day where I had no control over how far I ran due to limited road access. As long as my legs feel good, I have no problem with tacking on some extra miles. Nothing exciting happened on the trail today but for the last two nights I had the pleasure of staying with some wonderful people.Steve's aunt and uncle invited us to stay with them and provided us with all the comforts that we are generally lacking while on the road. Randy Ullrichand Jennifer Joyce Ullrich were the best hosts anyone could ever ask for. Their house seemed like something out of a movie, not like anything I've ever experienced before. They cooked vegetarian meals for us and provided great company while watching some sports on TV. Having great conversations at the end of the day helps so much to keep me mentally fresh after a long day out on the trail. Saying goodbye was difficult but I felt like it was more of an until we see each other again situation. I'm also grateful for the new running shoes that I received as a donation from George Pierce at Pierce Footwear. Like most runners, I'm always cautious when trying out new equipment but after almost 30 miles in them today I can say without a doubt that I will continue to run in them. They are significantly lighter than what I have been running in and when you pick 'em up and put 'em down almost 50,000 times in a day the lighter weight makes a huge difference. Also, for being so light, they provide a tremendous amount of stability. I can't wait until this 6 month run is over so I can try them out at a race. They are the perfect shoes to set a PR in! 
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