(Day 103: 2,241.30 Total Miles) Friend Running

Now that I've had some time to reflect on my wonderful experience, I want to give Omaha and all the incredible people I met there the credit and thanks they deserve. I truly feel like the city of Omaha took me in as if I was one of their own. The help and support I received there is something that I will think about for the rest of my life. I now consider everyone I met here from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and from The Greater Omaha Area Trail Runners family. To be able to spend a week around so many amazing people was truly a blessing that I needed more than I knew at the time. I feel like I hit the reset button on this trip both physically and emotionally. I arrived at the Nebraska state line exhausted and beaten down. I left totally refreshed and excited to continue this journey that means the world to me. I can't wait until I'm finished and get to stop here for a day when I'm on my drive back home. You were the first to take me in after I had to continue this journey alone. In restoring my belief in the importance of this run for suicide prevention, you were the first to do so. You are the first in the affections of this crazy long distance runner. I'm now rooting for happiness in all of your lives as much as you are rooting for me to reach the Pacific Ocean. 

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