(Day 108: 2,294.10 Total Miles) Deep in Nebraska

After feeling trapped in the RV due to back pain this past week, I was excited to get back to work. However, I was quickly reminded that being indoors isn't so bad. A few miles into the run, I was engulfed by a biblical swarm of locusts. They were all on the ground feeding so I came upon them unbeknownst which ended up surprising me as well. I was already in the middle of them as they all rose up off the ground at once. I only had a couple seconds to make peace with the fact that they were going to cover every inch of my body. Last summer, I had an experience with these little monsters so I had a plan. I knew my ear buds would protect my ears so I covered my mouth and nose with my hand, clenched my butt cheeks tight and ran though as quickly as I could. Fortunately, it was over in under a minute and I was able to enjoy the rest of my run insect free.

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Even as an adolescent, I refuse to be a convalescent