(Day 15: 364.94 Total Miles) Green Spring Running

I spent the entire day running up and down hills, trying not to get hit by cars and being chased by unleashed dogs. Fortunately, the last dog, a golden retriever was very friendly because at 25 miles I didn't have a chance to outrun him. Today was a good introduction to the hills that I will be facing throughout West Virginia. What I experienced wasn't too challenging, but enough for me to get an idea of what the next couple weeks will be like. I knew that I was getting spoiled while running on the entirely flat C & O trail. It never crossed my mind though that this cross country run would be easy nor would I even want it to be. I spent the earlier years of my life hoping things would be easy and finding myself discouraged when times got difficult. That was such a lazy and uninspired way to approach everything and I have grown to resent those thoughts that I used to have. If I still thought that way I never would have made it through the first week of this adventure. I actually enjoyed going up and down the hills all day. I feel like it gave me a chance to use different muscles on the ascent, descent and the flat stretches essentially alternating the areas of stress on my body. Maybe that isn't completely factual but to get through this 6-7 month run I have to believe things about myself that may or may not be true.

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If I missed a comma somewhere in there, too bad. You don't have to write good to run good. 😬