(Day 17: 418.37 Total Miles) Maysville Running

I'm not sure what to say, I took a serious beating out there and had a few moments of confusion. I still had a great time though! I started the day by climbing to the highest elevation that I will reach until I get to Colorado in a few months. Unfortunately, there was no one there to observe my achievement but a flock of wild turkeys. I guess my Colin Kaepernick and then Cam Newton imitation was a little too intense for them though because they gobbled at me then ran off at a surprisingly quick speed. They say you should act like you've been there before but since I haven't, I also yelled something inappropriate as loud as I could. Those turkeys can judge me if they want, no one else will ever know. After that, even with written directions and my GPS device I couldn't find the trail I was supposed to take so I took the alternate bike path. Usually I would try to find my own way with the GPS, but there was a sign warning me of highly explosive live bombs left over from some WWII training that had been done in the area. It looks like the next couple days will be almost entirely downhill so that's something to look forward to. As I was finishing up writing this, the campground director of where we are staying tonight said she looked at my Facebook page. She had some very kind words about what we are doing and told us that we would be staying free of charge this evening. I can't believe stuff like that keeps happening and it means more to me than I can put into words. So much of this trip depends on the kindness of strangers. Lately I've noticed that strangers quickly turn into new friends. 

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