(Day 20: 463.93 Total Miles) Hendricks Running

Last night I had my first experience at an Out of the Darkness Walk for AFSP. I met some truly amazing people and as someone who is usually too uncomfortable to talk about my feelings, I felt safe to do so there. With so many there who had similar stories and understand what it really feels like to lose a loved one to suicide, I was finally able to let my guard down a little. Going into the event I thought it would be emotionally draining. My prediction wound up being correct, but it also reminded me why I am running cross country and strengthened my resolve to complete this journey. I will be forever grateful to Michelle Tomanfor reaching out to me and making sure I was there. To start today, I had to make a choice on how I was going to get back to where I got lost on Thursday. It was too soon to go back to Blackwater Falls after what happened a couple days ago. I decided it was best to start my run where I should have came out and backtrack from there to where I got lost. I didn't want to do it but I have to make sure the ground I cover is one continuous line across the country. I would rather run across the country twice than not really have done it once. So after running 4.3 miles uphill and in the wrong direction, I found the turn I missed and turned right back around and finally was going the right way. After that, it was a completely uneventful day. No dogs, only a few hills and no traffic on the roads. Between my 8 hour hike on Thursday and my day off yesterday, I couldn't have been happier getting back to doing my favorite thing in the world and just spacing out listening to music and running. 

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