(Day 22: 518.31 Total Miles) Moatsville Running

It took almost 4 days and around the clock icing of just about every body part but all the nagging injuries I picked up while lost in the woods on Thursday have finally gone away. I kept it to myself but there were a few times that I almost fell while "running" through that creek/trail. It probably would have hurt less if I did just fall instead of straining everything trying not to. I also kept the pain to myself because I knew that complaining about it would only make it harder to run. Yesterday, I was starting to think my shin would never stop hurting but somehow about 3 miles into my run today the pain disappeared and stayed away for good. I don't understand how that can happen. It's amazing that the body can heal while running a marathon everyday. Maybe my body just stops trying to tell me what to do knowing that I'm going to do what I want and won't listen anyway. Most people that know me have given in and taken that approach as well. Maybe there's a message to be taken from all that or maybe not but either way, I keep going. 

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