(Day 24: 573.6 Total Miles) Clarksburg Running

I started the day with a TV interview with Cydney Cooper WDTV. I always appreciate someone taking the time to help me spread the word about my journey. After that, I ate my second breakfast and was on my way. Finally injury free, I actually started to miss the pain while running. It may sound weird but it was almost like it kept me company while I'm out there and gave me something to focus on. I always seem to miss what I don't have, I guess some things never change. Without the pain though, I was able to keep a better pace than I have been recently. That and I had some extra motivation to get through the day. I knew that tonight I would be staying with the American Discovery Trail director for West Virginia,Sharon Weekley and her husband Paul. I've been in contact with Sharon for months and was excited to meet her. She warned me long ago about the challenges of the trail in her home state but as stubborn as I am I kind of shrugged it off. Now I know for myself.. Sharon was generous enough to let us stay with her this evening and even took us out to dinner. She also understands my need to consume an extraordinary amount of calories and had a second dinner already prepared when I got there. I'm going to cut this a little short so I can enjoy the company for the rest of the night because this trip is about meeting and connecting with people as much as it is about running. 

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