(Day 29: 680.63 Total Miles) Cutler Running

Days like today are the ones that I am most proud of. No man made, imaginary boundaries to cross. No big round number to reach for my total mileage, every runner loves arbitrary numbers to measure success. Nothing special to look forward to at the end of the day. No one to visit and no one coming to visit me. I had to find my own motivation and it wasn't easy with the never ending hills. I thought I left the hills behind in West Virginia but I was wrong. I never could settle in and find my comfort zone today. There weren't any serious elevation gains but the hills were steep and numerous. The downhill parts were actually worse than going uphill. They were almost too steep to run down and it's frustrating using so much energy to slow down. The only thought that got me through today was knowing how good I would feel when it was finally over and that is the best part of running. It may be terrible when you are out there but the worse you feel during the run, the higher the level of satisfaction you feel upon completion.

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