(Day 32: 763.04 Total Miles) Logan Running

Another day of confusion and difficult trails. Yesterday, I counted on friends from back home for support but today I had some help from new friends that I met on the trail. The first 2.4 miles were along a highway which made it easy but it was when the trail was supposed to go back into the woods that I had some problems. Where the trail used to be, there were now houses. There was nothing on my directions that could help me find where to go so I stopped my GPS and tried to figure out what to do next. Luckily, someone drove by and could tell that I needed help. They had grown up in the area so they knew exactly how I could find the trail again and saved my day. I would happily tell the ADT trail coordinator of Ohio that the directions need to be updated but I already know that he does not respond to emails so I guess he will have to figure it out on his own. I restarted my watch which now read 0 miles instead of the 2.4 I already ran. I will post the map of that part of the run in the comments section. Even knowing I had ran those miles, I still couldn't stand to stop my watch anything short of 26.2 so I decided to run a marathon from that point until wherever I finished. After sorting all of that out, the trail was about the same as it was yesterday but I was feeling much better physically and mentally so it was an easier day. Tomorrow is my rest day which I almost feel guilty taking but running 6 days a week has been working so far so I'm hesitant to change the plan. 

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