(Day 34: 789.40 Total Miles) South Bloomingville Running

Here's something I wrote yesterday but fell asleep before I could post. I'm going to be lazy and use it today instead of talking about my run today.
On this rest day I want to take the time to reflect on all that we have done these past few weeks. Steve and I have traveled all the way from Crystal Lake, Illinois to Lewes, Delaware to embark on this journey not too long ago. We've covered almost 2,000 miles in the RV and I have ran just under 800 miles of the American Discovery Trail. Time is moving quickly and it's been filled with so many great personal connections. 
What has stood out the most is how many people have been affected by suicide. It's not an easy topic to be brought up in conversation, but once it's out there it's amazing how many people you meet who have experienced it first hand. Amazing, sad or shocking? I'm really not sure yet. I do know the conversations I've had already have proven helpful for me. I hope they have been helping others as well. Everyone I have met who's been helping with suicide awareness I have made instant connections with. There is a feeling of being lifelong friends upon the first conversation. This run may end on the west coast in October, but I know my participation for this cause won't be ending in California come Fall. 
I know there is still a lot of running to be done and even more awareness to spread and I plan on continuing this run with even more determination than I started with. The support I've been given has been incredible. The tweets, messages, Facebook posts and snaps have been motivation for each step and every mile of this trip.
I'd be lying if I said this has been easy or if I haven't wondered what I've gotten myself into. This has given me the recurring thought that each day can be such a different battle, both mentally and physically. There is tremendous strength in believing what your body can do but no matter how strong you are, there can still be moments of doubt or weakness and I've learned that it's perfectly okay because you can't stay strong 100% of the time. That is what makes us human. We all make mistakes, we hope to learn from them of course, and we can second guess ourselves too. Despite all that, we can always keep taking another step, running another mile and keep living another day. Reach out, stay strong and ‪#‎BeTheVoice‬.

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