(Day 35: 815.63 Total Miles) Chilliclothe Running

Even though I'm slightly allergic, I am now officially a cat person. About 5 miles into my run, a German Shepard chased me and he did not look friendly. I ran away as fast as I could, which isn't very fast any anymore. Knowing I had no chance to outrun him, I tried to jump a small fence. I cleared the fence but I jammed my right leg into the ground which led to some serious knee and ankle pain. To add to my humiliation, my shorts got caught on the fence and ripped. Once on the other side, I celebrated by taunting the dog and "marking my territory". After that ordeal, I limped the final 21 miles. I was concerned about being able to run tomorrow but I spent the last hour icing wherever there was pain and now my leg seems to be fine. Now with the pain gone, it makes me wonder if it ever really hurt as much as I thought at the time. I'm almost embarrassed at how cautious I was the rest of the day but there is still just under 4.000 miles to go so maybe it was for the best. Even with all these other challenges that arise each day, I'm having the time of my life out here.

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