(Day 37: 870.43 Total Miles) Peebles Running #1

Pain. The true story from Sunday and Monday was the incredible amount of pain I had to push through, both physical and emotional. My ankle hurt, my knee hurt and with Mother's Day approaching, my heart hurt. It never got to the point where I considered quitting or stopping but I started to wonder if there would ever be any relief. No amount of ice or Ibuprofen seemed to help so out of desperation I asked my mom to make it go away. It felt strange as a 33 year old man to ask my mommy to make the pain go away but I was willing to try anything. Over the years, no matter what was wrong I regularly turned to my mother for help. Like every mother to their child, she always knew exactly what to say or do to make me feel better. While running, I thought back to the time that I first got dumped by a girl in high school. I was listening to the same sad song over and over when my mom knocked on my bedroom door. She told me while almost laughing that if I kept up what I was doing that I would never feel better. It was that day she taught me how taking a step back and laughing at yourself is a great way to put things in perspective and how it can help the healing process or at least your perception of it. It takes a truly crazy person to laugh at the tremendous amount of pain that I was in but that's exactly what I did and even crazier, it actually worked. I finished the last few miles yesterday relatively pain free and today went better than I ever could have believed at any point the last two days. I not a particularly religious person but that is mostly because I don't know what I believe but I'm sure that one way or another my mom is with me every step of this journey. Maybe it's just that she's continuously in my thoughts or maybe it's something more than that but it's not for me to say. Either way I feel her presence and draw on my memories of her for the strength to continue pushing forward. 

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