(Day 4) Queenstown Running

Unfortunately, I had to split today's marathon up because I was not allowed to run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Due to the fact that there is no shoulder and that there has been a problem with people jumping off the bridge it is closed to pedestrians. At first I was disappointed but after hearing why I completely understood the reasoning behind it. I ran the first ten miles to the bridge and then had Steve pick me up and drive me across. After that I ran a little over 16 miles finish the minimum of 26.2 that I plan on running each day. I stopped the GPS while on the bridge but for some reason it still shows the path as active. If you look at the map closely though you can see that I clearly ran 10 before and 16+ after. I would never take credit for any miles that I didn't actually run. Overall, it was a somewhat frustrating day. My legs got a little tight during the break and never felt the same after. Also, most of the day was spent running on busy highways without much of a shoulder to run on. It was uncomfortable being that close to traffic and trying not to get hit. All the drivers though made an effort to give me as much room as possible but I could clearly see on their faces that it was stressing them out as well. Other than that, I still had a great time and no serious pain has started popping up so I'll be ready to go again tomorrow!

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