(Day 5) Davidsonville Running

Other than a little confusion as to where I was meeting up with Steve, it was a great day. Steve ran to meet me and join for the last couple miles but when I saw him I was at exactly 26.2 so we decided to call it right there and he ran to get the RV and pick me up while I sat in the shade. I did a better job of eating enough before the run than yesterday and that made a huge difference. I also made some adjustments to my running belt which really helped. I now wear it backwards and have it sit on my hip bones. That really kept it from bouncing around as much as the previous days. I received quite a bit of positive feedback and encouragement while out there today. I don't think that car full of girls knew why I was running but they were still very supportive😉😘. The best part of the day though was that it was mostly on sidewalks and bike trails making a lot less stressful than yesterday. Only one more marathon and then I get a well deserved rest day on Sunday.

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