(Day 53: 1,225.00 Total Miles) Bunker Hill Running

28 miles never felt easier! I quickly found my zone today and caught a nice "runner's high". I started out at a decent pace and didn't feel the need to let up until close to the end. For those of you who have never experienced a runner's high, I'll do my best to explain. Once the endorphins kick in, your perception of everything changes. It almost felt as if I was floating around weightless and though there was a little pain and soreness, it was distant and as if it was happening to someone else. I barely noticed my feet striking the ground or any of my surroundings. At no point was I ever out of breath and the music seemed to be playing inside my head instead of through headphones. There were times where it felt like I was dreaming and others where I actually closed my eyes for 30 seconds. Time starts flying by faster than should be possible, ten minutes goes by and you think it was only two since you last checked your watch. Reaching this mental state doesn't happen every time but when it does, it's a beautiful thing. It's not something that can be completely controlled but I'm starting to learn little tricks to get there faster and more often. 

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