(Day 60: 1,386.37 Total Miles) New Lennox Running

Out of all the challenges I have to deal with during this run across the country, the running a marathon a day part is by far the easiest. At least I had a great time running through Joliet today and making some new friends. The directions for the American Discovery Trail warned me that I would be going through an "urban renewal" area and suggested a safer route. I laughed at and ignored their suggestion. The people I met there were some of the nicest that I've encountered the whole trip. There were a few that were enjoying the nice weather on their front porch and they invited me to join them so I happily took about an hour break. We joked around and told stories which made me completely forget that I was in the middle of a run. After realizing how much time had passed, I decided that I should get back out there. Taking a break that long mid run doesn't feel great because my legs tighten up but I was so much happier after that encounter that it was completely worth the trade off. 

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