(Day 66: 1,441,31 Total Miles) Marseilles Running

I had no internet service where we camped last night(Wednesday) so I'm posting yesterday's run before I get out there again today. After an extended break at home over Memorial Day weekend, I was anxious to get back on the trail. I had an amazing time visiting with family and friends over the weekend, so much so that I decided to stay an extra day. I enjoyed every minute but I still have a long way to go before I reach the Pacific Ocean so I couldn't put off restarting this journey any longer. I spent my first day back running on trails along the Illinois River. It was strange having fresh legs for the first time in months and I had to be careful not to run too fast right away. Other than having to throw a wooden plank over a creek to build a makeshift bridge, nothing too exciting happened. At the end of the day we were close enough to camp at Starved Rock State Park where they were kind enough to donate the campsite for the night. I told them how I'm running across the country for suicide prevention and they said they were all veterans working there and that they would be honored to help us out. To show my appreciation for their donation and all that veterans have done for this country, I have decided to start doing the 22 push-up a day challenge in memory of the 22 veterans that take their own life each day. There is a long way to go as far as mental health care in this country but you would think that veterans would have access to best help possible, unfortunately that is not the case and many do not get the help they need. To be honest, the sacrifices that veterans make for all of us is not something I think about everyday but doing 22 push-ups each day will help be a constant reminder of their efforts.

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