(Day 67: 1,468.05 Total Miles) Spring Valley Running

The four days I spent at home reminded me how much easier it is to be lazy. The last two days back running on the trail helped me recall how happy exercise makes me. Nothing can replace the feeling you get after completing a long run. As someone who spent years dealing with anxiety and depression, I found physical exertion to be my form of medication. I never had any luck with any medications that were prescribed to me. In fact, they all made me feel even worse. Something about having to take a pill everyday to be normal really bothered me. By no means am I saying that antidepressants don't work for anyone but they weren't the answer for me. It was only after I started running long distances that I started to see improvements with my mental health. The combination of endorphins being released from exertion and the satisfaction of knowing that you pushed yourself being your comfort zone make all my problems seem smaller and lighter. I don't have all the answers for dealing with depression or anxiety but I strongly recommend anyone suffering from either consider taking on a new form of exercise. It doesn't even have to be a lot, just breaking off from your normal routine and getting the blood flowing will have countless positive effects on your body and mind. I know there are other ways to improve mental heath but I can't speak on them as truthfully as I can using working out to help clear your mind. Not more than a few years ago, I thought that feeling depressed was something that I would just have to deal with the rest of my life but I fought my way through it. I wish I had more answers but for now all I can say is that it worked for me so maybe it can work for you. 

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