(Day 8) Captain John Running

I started the day with a radio interview on WRNR which went really well. I'm starting to get better at getting my message out now that I've had some experience. The only rough part was that talking about why I started this journey made me think about losing my mom more than usual. It absolutely breaks my heart that I can't call her and tell her about everything that I'm doing on this run. Other than that, I had an amazing day. I'm probably going to say this 50 times on this trip but this was the best day so far. I spent almost the whole day on the C & O trail with the Potomac River on my left. There were some amazing views, so I got to take a bunch of nice pictures and videos. The view of the Potomac Falls was absolutely breath taking. Before that I got off to a quicker start than on previous days so I was happy to use that as an excuse to slow things down. After that, Steve was nice enough to run to meet me and join me for the last 8 miles of the day. He parked the RV and ran 8 miles to find me so 16 total on the day for him. Having some company on the run for the first time was a nice change of pace. My mind and body are still feeling strong so I'm ready to go again tomorrow.

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