Day 86: (1,868.04 Total Miles)

After having a rough time the last two days, it was nice to have a couple things to look forward to today. About 5 miles into my run I took a quick break to FaceTime with my good friend Steve Enright who is a Health Education Teacher at Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. Steve was kind enough to set it up so I could FaceTime with his class giving me an opportunity to tell my story and answer a few questions. I'm always grateful to have the chance to raise awareness for suicide prevention as well as share my beliefs on the importance of physical health and it's effects on mental health. Later in the day, I had the pleasure of running with Derek Zardus who is the Chief Running Officer of GloboRun. Derek is currently traveling the country to run 50 marathons in 50 weeks! In between marathons, he finds the time to help with many different charities, go on support runs with other runners and even volunteer his time at local races. It was great to have some company and to share some stories about how running became so important to both of us and our happiness. He went all out in making sure I had everything I needed for my run today. When we met, there was plenty of water, Gatorade, oranges and even popsicles. I know how busy everyone's lives are so I truly appreciate whenever anyone takes the time to help me succeed at this coast to coast journey for suicide prevention. 

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