(Day 88: 1,921.75 Total Miles) Slater Running

Champion of the Sun:
Since I started this run across America for suicide prevention, I have obnoxiously given myself more titles than Daenerys Targaryen. Runner of States, Flattener of Mountains, Builder of Bridges, The SUnburnt and The One True King of the Land of Diminishing Returns. Today I claimed another epithet, Champion of the Sun. In the 88 days I have been out here, it has rained on me only 7 times. So many mornings I check the forecast and see that it predicts rain only to find I had been misled. I rarely even have clouds above me to provide a reprieve from the sun. For reasons I don't need to understand during this journey the clouds have parted before me like Moses did to the Red Sea. If any of you are planning a wedding or birthday party to be outside, I suggest you invite me to guarantee good weather. Most can't even predict the weather but I'm starting to think I can control it.

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