(Day 97: 2,109.10 Total Miles) Lewis Running

I could look at the map all night! 27 miles, all of them almost due west. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of two new friends. A huge thank you to Coleen Duda who hooked it up with a last minute ride allowing me to run one direction the whole day instead of having to turn around halfway and run back. Not only that, but she had Gatorade and her homemade Goatz peanut butter balls waiting for me when I finished. Seriously, those Goatz balls are amazing! I won't say what else is in them just in case it's a secret for when you open your restaurant. Also, a big thank you to Debbie Freund who was kind enough to let me park my RV in her driveway today. Colleen and Debbie are also runners and I had a wonderful time talking about running and life in general with both of them. This journey is such a special experience in that I get to fulfill a dream of mine by running across the US for a worthy cause in suicide prevention and make so many new friends along the way. 

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