Personal Note

As I posted about earlier, today would have been my mother's 59th birthday. Everyday of this journey has been emotional but days like today are the hardest. So many memories bounced around my head all day. One in particular was a story that my mom loved to tell, I probably heard her tell it a few dozen times over the years. When I was still a baby my mom used to rock me to sleep while slowly dancing in the kitchen and listening to music. I'm sure she listened to many songs while doing that but every time she told the story she would say it was with Lou Reed's "I Want to Boogie With You". For that and other reasons this song has always had a special place in my heart, especially the last two years. Of course it played on shuffle out of over 2,000 songs while I was running today. At exactly 19.66 miles it started and it hit me so hard I just about collapsed from all the emotion. I didn't think I could possibly miss her any more today but once that son came on it crushed me. I did the best I could to keep moving after that. No matter how much I'm struggling with something, I find its best to keep moving forward.  I'll post the map of my run a little later

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