(Day 141: 2,900.46 Total Miles) Littleton Running

My birthday marathon! After taking some time off in Denver I was excited to get back to running. It was a bittersweet day as even though it was my birthday, my thoughts kept drifting to thinking about my mother and how she left too soon. It felt like I was about to cry quite a few times during the run but it never happened. I finally broke down a little the next morning when on the phone with my uncle while we talked. Unfortunately, life is busy and we live so far apart that we don't see each other often or talk as much as we would like. However, we are still close emotionally and will always be family so no matter how much time passes in between conversations we always pick up right where we left off.
A short video and some pictures of the Colorado Trail and Georgia Pass (11,598 feet). I had to be over 12,000 feet before I descended to Georgia Pass.


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