(Day 123 2,636.73 Total Miles) Hauxton Running

Part 1: (2,629.09 Total Miles) I have now run the distance of over 100 marathons since this journey began on March 28.

Part 2: I'd rather not explain what happened to my pace but I suppose it would be the right thing to do. I let a couple things stress me out and it completely ruined my run. I'm not sure why it bothered me so much. One of the things I'm now excited about and the other isn't really my problem. It took me a little while to shake it off, but I made a new friend and stress ate a bunch of cookies and now I feel like it never happened. I'm just going to assume nothing like this will happen again. However, it was fascinating to watch my body not cooperate at any level. It was as if it was spiting me and this was it's strange form of revenge. I'm very excited about tomorrow so it will be easy to put today behind me. My old friend, Brian, will be running with me and helping me out with a ride.

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